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BioShock: Elizabeth's Rapeture progress update

2013-03-03 11:54:57 by Uniporn

Hi, ok so the project is currently under construction and we are working very actively on it. I am pleased to announce
that RalaiyX3 is doing the score for it :)
I was going to post a picture of this update but it's probably better not to spoil the thing I am working on right now.


Exclusive theme preview by RalaiyX3 can be heard here!

Hey, just to prove that progress is being made on the flash here is a screenshot of the rough animation:
Enjoy :)
See ya when everything is done


BioShock: Elizabeth's Rapeture progress update


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2013-03-03 17:05:28

Owwyeah :D


2013-03-13 17:21:28


Uniporn responds:

Glad to see you're excited! :)